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It's somewhat late at night now, so I'll be a little brief.

I caught the Patlabor 2 movie the other day. I've got to say the first movie got me hooked to the franchise, so I'm a Pat-a-fan. The second movie was not as good in my opinion, and it was kinda annoying that the design for the Labors (which were beutifull in the first movie) got changed a bit. I still liked the movie a lot, and the change of heroes was nice and well done, though.
Which reminds me, Inspector Goto is uncannily like Hatake Kakashi. It's scary how alike those two are in disposition!

In other news, I got back on drawing, finnaly! I'm working to Tite Kubo's Bleach, which is amazing. Really. I hate that guy so very much. /envy

On that note, I know I like a series when I come up with original characters for it. All I need now is a name, dangit.

Bah! Bah and more Bah and DIE!

Maybe next time...
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