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Happy Passover!

We had a family Seder yesterday.
Whooboy, what a time.

We had a big family gathering at my aunt's house, and we all read the Hagada and had a great meal (with whooping big glasses to boot. Those things were HUGE!)
I really love the family Passover get-together. We always have a great time, with lots of song-singing and acting. All the little kids search the Ha'fickoman (although we always have one for each kid, so as to please the masses. ;p ) and all the grownups who helped the stashing give them discreet hints. The overall atmosphere is so great, you can't help but have a good time.
But then, my family kicks butt. That's a well known fact, and I love 'em.

Speaking of my family, I have a little cousin (3 years old or so) who is quite smitten with me. Really, out of a crowd of twenty, she'll zone in on me in no time! Whoosh!
That's not a bad thing at all, and I really have a great time playing with her, but...

You know how young kids are a hoot to play with, because they're so small that you can pick them up and spin them hither and tither. Summersaults, spinning around real fast, the works. They really like it, and so do you.
On the other hand, young kids nowadays have such an endless bundle of energy and vigor, that us grownups (yes, I consider myself a grownup) just can't keep up. You run, jump, toss them around and exhaust them, and as soon as you sit down to rest, they come up and cry "again!". What a horrible fiendish word 'again'! How can they be so energetic when I'm so pooped?! Why don't they rest?!

I'm just not built for this thing...

Incidently, and also lastly, since this post is getting large, my young and afore-mentioned cousin (who is named Gali, by the way) looks almost alarmingly like "Interview with a Vampire"'s Claudia. She has blond hair in curles that are not nearly as long, but in the general shape. She also has blue eyes and, for some reason, FANGS! I think maybe her teeth are still growing or something, but her feral-cutting-sharpish-teeth (-which-I'm-too-lazy-to-look-the-name-of-up) are really elongated and stand out. The overall look is not quite Claudia, but rather some bizzare unmistakeable how-Claudia-looked-as-a-kid. It's creepy.

Well, this was a long post, and there's a new pope (which is unrelated, but congradulations nonetheless) so untill next time, adiue~!

Maybe next time...
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