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Haiku Spuff...

Again, taken from Miarr

Well, the Haiku spuff doesn't work.

Oh well!

Anyways, I've already had my graduation party, and it was a hoot. Afterwards we all went to the after-party and got all intoxicated and stuff. I really didn't drink that much, though.

Also! We finnaly found a Japanese teacher, and even here in Ramat Yishai! Now me and sis are starting to learn... But it's kinda awkward to know your level is lower than that of a 3-year-old... It's just weird. You finish twelve years of school, and suddenly you find yourself in a square-one type of academic situation. It's like you finished tweleve years a-learining, only to jump back to the start and do it over in Japanese.

But I really want to know Japanese...

In other unrelated news, Photoshop died and I don't know how to ressurect it. Really, even after clearing up more than enough space on disk, it doesn't work. I think the only solution is finishing the CS2 download and moving on...

Oh! Going back to graduation, this is REALLY annoying, because we're all graduates now, but we STILL have school! Our schoolyear ain't over yet, and never mind the finals! It's like "Hey! What'd I graduate for?! I'm still HERE!!!" >.<


So yeah.


Maybe next time...


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