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Ho Hum...

Ho hum indeed.
The Computer Bagrut Final was byond a breeze. It almost mocks all the effort I put into the year.
And I didn't even put in much.
Bah! At least I have another six free school-hours in my weekly schedule...
As if I didn't have enough already. ;)

As you should all know and worshiop us for, Israel won the Euro-League Basketball Championchip again. It's the first time in fifteen years a group wins twice in a row. That's because we kick butt and take names! (only we can't say the names afterwards 'cause they're kinda complicated)

Anyways, now I have to get the rest of my tests over.


Oh! That reminds me of another (oh noes) brilliant concept I had.
You know how you order a pizza (don't like where this is going already, are ya?) with a topping of tuna?
Do they even serve toppings o' tuna in the states? I can't remember.
I've thought up of a way to ultimasize the tuna topping! Next time serve the pizza with a tuna topping, which is THE WHOLE TUNA! >.<
The brilliant thing is that tuna is like a hundred-plus-pound fish. It'll completely cover the pizza! It's like "Hey! We ordered pizza, so what's with the huge dead fish on our plates?! We want pizza! *sob*"

Anyways, it's a lot funnier to someone like me, who doesn't like tuna toppings. It's like "Oh, I have MY pizza. Where's yours? All I see is a big FISH! HAHAHA!"

Well, it's also kind of mean, but...

Maybe next time...
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