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Lots'a stuff...

Well, three things happened while I was silent.
First of all, I saw the final Star Wars movie, twice. Secondly, our modem crashed, and last, I saw Sin City.
I already talked about Star Wars, and the modem got repaired quickly, so there's not much to say there... Oh well. Sin City it is then. ;]

Sin City was... interesting. There's no apparent plot, really. It's just several loosely connected stories, but the graphic effects were... nice.
I really feel angry about the character of Kevin, though. Based on the trailer, I got a mental image of what his role is in the movie. Based on a single sillhoute shot, which really reminds me of Father Anderson, by the way, I figured he'd be a lot LIKE the good father. What I got in return is the illegal love child of Hannibal Lechter and Harry Potter! What were you THINKING?!
Also, it's annoying that they only used red for blood some of the time. The color was meant to accentuate certain parts of the movie, but there's so much of it you hardly notice after a while, but still, we've all already learned to associate that on the silver screen red is blood. It's almost funny when a guy gets his hand lopped off and them I see the stump and think "Whoa... That's a lot of whiteout."

Bah. It's an okay movie. I was also annoyed that they didn't use the background theme from the trailer. That theme rocked!

Ah whatever. I'm spending too much money on movies lately.

Maybe next time...
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