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I like sushi.

If you've never tried it, you really should.

Sporadic! Sporadic! All hail the great king Radish!!

Oh! That reminds me of a GREAT idea I've brainstormed with sis the other day (even though I thought it up on my own. She was just around being non-helpful-ish with her "punctuality" and her "logical-ness" >p). It's an idea that's so GREAT it has to be GREAT, because I've Caps-locked 'great' every time I mentioned it.
Pizza slices. X.X

You know have you have a Crossword-Sense-Puzzle? It's a crossword with little riddles as hints to the actual words you have to write down, so you need to figure out the riddle to know what the definition is. Usually it's something with a double meaning which fits two definitions, but is still hard to think of.


I've thought up the greatest crossword test of all time: The Crossword-NonSense-Puzzle!
It's a crossword where all the definitions have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the words for the puzzle.
For example: for the definition "A small, round, wooden object" the answer would be "Big moose on tuesdays". "A yellow fruit" would be for "Diabetic Ice-Cream", if you would.
Also, you know how regular crosswords are built as squares intercrossed into tiles, with some squares blackened out? Well, the NonSense puzzle will be drawn as a SPIRAL, with Spiderweb designs segmenting it. And instead of blackened out squares it will have great fabulously detailed pictures of snakes and small ferrets, with the occasional piece of Citrus Fruit added in for variety.

I've thought it up after a long day with little sleep. I like it already. >)

Maybe next time...
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